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30 years of service to farmers and ground workers
The business started about 30 years ago when my parents moved to Dorset. Like many businesses it started by chance. I found myself driving for a local agricultural contractor – it wasn’t a huge step to go from there to dealing in agricultural equipment.

I developed the business together with my wife and naturally enough the children (all of whom just happen to be boys) spent time with me while I was going about my work. Not surprisingly, they learnt by watching, whether it was buying or selling, loading or unloading or refurbishing the equipment in the yard. We moved premises more than once and now have our own yard in Semley. It’s called Shunters Yard because there used to be a station here which was closed by Dr Beeching. There was a large dairy and trains used to take the milk from here to London.
Kim, my wife deals with all the paperwork and keeps a watchful eye on them all; after all, before they were big enough, it was just her and me doing the lot.

The business has expanded a lot in the last few years as the boys’ manpower has become available. The yard has doubled in size and so has our stock! We always have machines and equipment of all types in stock, ready for work! Our typical stock ranges from tractors and quads, to telehandlers and diggers and all in all shapes and sizes, along with many items of small machinery and equipment. We initially set up a website in 2008 to explore the possibilities and having found it to be useful, re-designed it in November 2016 and again in 2024 we currently receive over 15,000 visits a month from all over the world.

It is very much a family business. Although the boys have flown the nest, living in Semley, the focus is still very much on working together as a family unit and a team. But it isn’t all work, work, work.
Meet the boys
George McLean

George is often found in the office using his extensive knowledge of underwriting tractors and machinery while also selling tractors to his vast collection of contacts over the years. when George isn’t busy in the office underwriting machines, he can often be found out in the lorry delivering and collecting machines.


Henry is in charge of all the day to day running of the yard while leading all the sales and exports. Henry spends the majority of his time on the phone liaising with customer, while meeting customers and advising them on the best machine for the job.


Ed plays a key role in maintaining the yard, ensuring all machines are ready to go out to the customers, he is also found picturing machinery to be put onto the website. Ed works closely alongside Henry with the sales of machines in yard and is more than happy to help a customer get the right tool for the job. Ed also ensures that the yard is kept clean, tidy and safe.


Toby oversees all the machines that go through the workshop ensuring that all parts and spares are ordered on time. When Toby isn’t busy working on machines in the workshop, he spends the rest of the time out in his lorry delivering machines locally to customers. Toby also works closely along side George with the purchasing of machines.

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